Several artists/songwriters have been an inspiration. Prince has always been a favorite because of the creativity and genius he engaged in blending soul, jazz, R & B, pop, rock, and funk. Parliament-Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins stand out for me because their work from the 1970s continues to be in demand. Recreating yourself as a musician and writer is exemplified for me in the life and works of Madonna, just as Kwamé Holland moved from emcee to producing and scoring music for film. The Average White Band has become one of the most sampled groups in the industry; and after forty years, their work is “alive.” I am inspired by the work of Run DMC and Big Daddy Kane, who ushered in a new hip hop culture.  English musicians - Sir Elton John, Sting, and the Rolling Stones - have outstanding multi-instrumental qualities as musicians and composers who serve as models, but they can never be duplicated. 


Tim Jackson inspired and taught me production techniques as a teen and he continues to inspire me to develop into my own person as a producer/writer. I watched ATL-based production company, Organized Noize, move from their early beginnings to producers of soundtracks. Reinventing oneself as a producer is apparent, for me, in the works of Max Martin and Bryan-Michael Cox.  In fact, production duo, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, have demonstrated their ability to assist artists in recreating themselves into successful artists across time. Observing Dr. Dre’s production and business savvy is most influential. The longevity of all of these artists, songwriters, and producers is admirable and desirable.


With a strong goal in mind, to be dynamic, extraordinary, and successful, Doug Pittman began to generate a blueprint that would transform all musical genres' listening ears. In 2004, he took that blueprint and began to build a roster of artists in all genres of the music industry which included hip hop artist Gucci Mane. Doug “"Track Kat”" Pittman continues to build the brand and remains innovative.


doug "DP" Pittman

Galactic Music Group

Atlanta, Ga.

"Every success is built on the ability to do better than good enough."